Kate is ONE!

Our little punkers is ONE! How in the world can she already be one? I think this has been the fastest year ever.  She is amazing.  She has very much picked up the third child role.  She is in the car a lot, taking the big kids to school and practices.  Claire is her second Mommy so she is used to others doing for her. She is our baby!

Number One Punkers!
She is a happy girl! LOVES her Mommy! She is finally sleeping through the night! A little after 11 months, I decided I had had enough of getting up every 2/3 hours. It only took three nights for her to get the memo.  She now goes to bed around 7 and sleeps til around 5:45, with a morning and afternoon nap (a/b two hours each)

She is still nursing.  I can't believe we made it a year! She has weaned herself down to about two/three times a day and I don't mind.  I love our bonding time and will probably miss it when she stops.  She has tried whole milk, but threw her cup.  She is a great eater and can put down some food! She loves eggs, pancake (plain), yogurt, cantaloupe, apples, any squeeze pouch, green beans.. really she eats everything we eat.

She loves bath time!! This rubber ducky is always in her mouth. It's hilarious! She likes to climb stairs, cruise the furniture, play in the pantry, and swing at the park.  She waves and claps and plays peek a boo! When she gets fussy in the car we sing, "If you're happy and you know it" and
"The wheels on the bus" and that always makes her happy.  She got a car that she sits in and we push and a wagon for her birthday (another post) and loves being pushed around in those!  She's not walking yet and I'm not sure I see it happening soon.  She pulls up on furniture and will stand with her walker, but could care less about walking. I'm OK with that! Max didn't walk until he was 15 months.

Max can always make her laugh.  He is so great with her and I love watching them!  Claire is her second Mommy.  She is constantly trying to pick her up and carry her around the house. She loves her so much.  It drives me nuts that she doesn't leave her alone, but I love how much she adores her.

I just had my first weekend away from her. Justin and I went to the Kentucky Derby! (post to follow) My Mom and Dad came to watch the kids.  Mom said she did great.

She had her one year appointment today.  She's still our little peanut!
17 lbs ~ 10%
27.75" ~ 7%
She is wearing mostly 9 mo clothes, but some 12 mo.
Size 3 diaper
Her feet are tiny! I had bought some summer sandals in a size 4 (that's what claire was at a year) and her feet aren't even close to fitting!
She has four teeth but a lot coming in ~ including a molar!

She isn't saying many words yet.  She says "dadadada" and sometimes it is while looking at Justin, others just randomly.  I'm still waiting for her to look at me and say "mama". I think she says "bye bye".  We've been trying a few signs for her, put she hasn't seemed to pick up.

I love my sweet girl so much.  There aren't enough words.  I wish time would slow down. I love every single moment I get with my beautiful girl (and her brother and sister) and can't wait to watch her grow into a little girl!

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