Playing Catch Up

I have been meaning to update for a while, but life happens :)  The kids have been out of school for a month now.  We have stayed pretty busy going to the pool, having company and/or traveling on the weekends.
We joined our neighborhood pool as well as MacGregor Downs.  MDCC has tennis and golf but is further away so we spend most time at the neighborhood pool.  It has a great beach entry where I can play with Kate and watch the big kids at the same time!  Their favorite thing to do is go down the slide!

We met some friends at The Natural Science Center in Greensboro and went to a pool bday party!


Justin and I went to a Member Guest golf tournament in Greensboro. It was an amazing weekend bc I got to be with a lot of my closest friends!....makes me miss Greensboro that much more.  AND ~ my parents were awesome and kept the kids so we could have some kid free time!
Friday night was heavy h'orderves and a DJ by the pool.
With the Lyles
Saturday night was my favorite! We had a delicious sit down dinner (steak and lobster) then The Breakfast Club played.  They are one of my favorite 80s bands!! So much fun!

Last week Max and Claire went to Safety Town.  It's a class for rising kindergartners that teaches road safety, stranger danger, talks with local law enforcement, EMS and Firemen.  Their favorite part was the snacks!

Last weekend we went to Charlotte to surprise my SIL, Darcy for her 30th bday!
Grandma, Darcy, Kate, Max and Claire
I have a bachelorette party this weekend at the beach (thanks Mom for keeping kids, again!) and then I will look forward to having nothing to do.  Can't seem to keep the house clean when we are traveling or having guest every weekend!

Will need to do a new post on this punkers soon! She is getting so big!

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