A New Reddit Thread Unveils the Cutest—and Creepiest—Pictures Kids Have Doodled at Restaurants

A New Reddit Thread Unveils the Cutest—and Creepiest—Pictures Kids Have Doodled at Restaurants

You can nearly always rely upon Reddit to cause you to laugh--or even squirm. And at a brand new Ask Reddit ribbon, that Grubstreet emphasized now, the discussion will, simultaneously.

The ribbon asks usersrather servers who work or possess functioned in pubsthat offer out crayons and coloring provides to kids--to its strangest drawing they've actually seen. Some answers are humorous; the others leave you wonder.

Below are a couple of of our favourite funny, weird, and totally creepy answers.

Inch. "Kid roughly [six or five] attracted an extremely thorough picture of [2] people making love. Parents did not even admit it"

2. Around [eight] years past we're eating in a restaurant and that I watched her drawing on a lovely picture. It had been adorable watching her draw on sun wearing sunglasses, bud, flowers ... and also a tombstone. I asked what she had been drawing. She stated, 'It's me. We waited extensive here I expired.' She's definitely an even more striking teenager today. Allow me to"

3. "I watched a child draw a picture in their daddy dead with a knife into his torso and them along with their mom status by the human body grinning. It left me worried in their life"

4. "the children played with one game of hangman. The pole figure was fully postponed, and also the word that they used was my first very first name. The face area to the man had a direct line for a mouth watering area. It had been [type of] creepy"

5. "Once I had been around [seven] I composed my own home telephone number onto the desk as I thought the waitress was really adorable. My mom answered the telephone and also accused my dad cheating. After hearing them shout at eachother for a little while, I finally told them that the facts. Need less to say they laugh about this [and] in my the very day"

6. '''

7. "the phrase 'poop' repeatedly."

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