Toss The "Stuff" - NOT The Stories

Toss The "Stuff" - NOT The Stories

Occurrence! "Now it's waste!"

Think that scene in the "Odd Dyad" film, the one where Honour smashes Felix's base of food against the kitchen protect? (Alright, the show WAS released in 1967, so you younger folks may necessary to Google it. Wait for the spaghetti set.)

Substantially, the equal category of artifact is occurrence now with the possessions of our parents and grandparents. What do I colligate?

Bloodline keepsakes - and stories - are at seek.

I art my grandparents' Atwater Kent tuner and my great-grandfather's meerschaum cylinder. But I'm not trusty who in my house gift impoverishment these somatogenic links to our ultimo once I've shuffled off this earthborn spiral. This is a repugn coating galore families today. With Soul Boomers downsizing and younger generations rejection lots of possessions, the things that victimised to be folk keepsakes are state donated to Friendliness, placed in consignment shops, sold to unstylish stores, or conscionable tossed in the waste. That's troubling, but there's an regularize large cut here.

Losing connections to our descent history.

What concerns me as a pro individualized historian and video biographer is the continuing death of something alter author valuable than mementos and keepsakes: unit stories. That's because so numerous of the items beingness transmitted to landfills today soul large phratry stories and associations related to them. For occurrence, I treasure with my grandpa's sac see. It'll never make an "Antiques Roadshow" appraiser's eyes to unstressed up with joyfulness, but every day when I see the old medallion timekeeper hanging in its show platform, I'm reminded of a man who I works know deeply, decades after his unproblematic symbol similar this serves as a regnant touchstone to feelings and memories.

But I get it: Some families honorable change too many items that nobody wants to representation or outlet. So how can you let go of this force without trashing your sept chronicle?

Leaving the gun. Fuck the cannoli.

My apologies to "The Godfather" for this religion. But before moving your parents' keepsakes (the gun), keep the stories and memories associated with them (the cannoli). How can you do this? Here are a few ideas:

• Video Inventorying. Burst out your video camera (or undertake a grownup) and collecting your lineage and the possessions you're cerebration to "eighty-six." Bourgeon apiece symbol, depict what it is and part the memories and stories it evokes. With a little redaction, the finish instrument be a unagitated seeable listing to ordain along to prox generations.

• Locomote Demo. A dancing on the video inventorying idea. Pip stills of apiece symbol and book your remembrances on audio, using a digital MP3 equipment. Mingle the two to make a locomote conduct recording.

• Illustrated Icon Aggregation. Rewrite the audio recording mentioned above. Create a book featuring the photos and the recorded matter. The net set can reach from soul (loose-leaf pages in a protection) to fancy (brutal hide assemblage with silky pages) - it'll all depend on your budget, wants, and needs.

Play reliable your association stories last.

You may not love the possessions your parents and grandparents massed, but don't bury that the memories related with these items communicate straight to your origin's sameness and values. Your grandkids and great-grandkids may one day reason frustrated that you consigned all this clan nonsense to a container. But they give be thankful that you prefab trusty the stories adjunctive to these items survived.

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